What is AGM?

The  historic growth of global communication, trade and cultural exchange paired  with Louisville’s position as a growing logistical transport hub, banking and medical center, and regional international presence creates an opportunity to take leading steps in building the region’s globally-intelligent workforce.  Amazing Global Marketplace®. (AGM) is an international business-focused educational program that inspires and prepares students to become actively involved in the global marketplace. Selected classes and students are put into simulated international business scenarios – having to navigate international travel, negotiation, procurement, management, communication, culture and currency exchange.

Each student participating in the AGM is teamed-up with an employee-mentor from  a actual Louisville business that works internationally.  Together, the students and mentors pursue the completion of the real-world international business scenario – requiring them to virtually “travel and  work” in numerous countries.  They learn about their mentor companies, research international markets, work through a real-life international business scenario, make travel arrangements  and negotiate with foreign companies to finally execute their scenario at the culmination of the program – Global Marketplace Simulation.

The project seeks participation from classes with students that are already studying  business or international-related course work. The goal is to motivate them to attend college and pursue international careers, increase their academic opportunities and make them productive contributors to Louisville’s future success.   By bringing together diverse groups of motivated students to work together, the project will help build peer connections that encourage  and enhance student’s interest in international learning and careers.  Amazing Global Marketplace® learning takes place in the classroom, at  mentor companies and kicks-off and completes at Bellarmine University with participants  “traveling” around the campus to complete their global assignments. The  assignments, travel scenarios, currency exchange issues, cultural engagement,  and other challenges will come from real world situations provided by  experienced international business people from the mentor companies.

The  student-mentor teams must complete their assignment and negotiate  business, cultural and financial issues in a set time. The team completing their project with the highest number of points wins the competition.